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What does provide in a nutshell?

Our Services - 
Many of our customers have been with us over 5 years, and some as many as 15. There is a reason for that and we believe it is Trust and Reliability. During that time, we have had customers that do not know all of our offerings. I want to send you a short-list of our services. 
  • Managed Hosting Services
  • Managed Emailing Services
  • Google Domain Email Services for your domain
  • Google Apps
  • Office Remote Computer management Services from 20 year Network veterans
  • Managed Ecommerce Services
    • ShopSite hosting and Design
    • Wordpress Woo Commerce Hosting and Design
    • Magento hosting and support
  • Web Design Services
    • Database management
    • SEO services organic and PPC
  • Web Coding Services
  • Company remote network management services
    • Per computer desktop management on call
  • Live Streaming CDN Services through Edgecast CDN
    • Live remote managed events
    • CDN storage streaming
    • private networks
    • Branding available 
These are just a few of the items can help you with. Please contact our Team to see how we can better serve your Business. 
Web Development -
Recently, we have heard from our customers that they wanted us to let them know more about what we do in the area of web development and coding. 
Many CEO’s and owners of the companies we support looking for new and better functionality for their site. In a general sense, this can take almost a full emersion of your time and resources into the website which translates to many web development discussion and implementation to come up with a plan going forward.
With this said, we have found that many CEO’s and Techincal support teams are not fully apprised of the extent that is required to design and grow an online company, both Organically, with solid online content, and marketing. 
Last month, a well respected developer-coder wrote an article on what not to do with a website or web project. I ask that you keep and open-mind as the owner or even the guy that is driving the online programs. This article speaks about developing with WordPress but think of it as the process they are describing that fits just about any online project you want to develop. 
Article by - Tomaž Zaman
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