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Does support FTPS?

Yes, please see below for FTPS FAQ.

With the ever increasing demand for better security and PCI Compliance, we will be enforcing FTPS starting on Monday, May 27th. 2013 There will be no downtime.  

Q: What is FTPS?
A: FTPS stands for FTP Secure, or FTP over SSL, or FTP over TLS.

Q: How is it different from standard FTP?
A: Standard FTP sends your login information and files using clear text, without encryption. This means if a hacker is sniffing the network packets, they could obtain your login information, as well as hijack your files.  FTPS on the other hand, encrypts your login information and all the files you are transferring with SSL.  It performs much like going from a standard HTTP website to a secure HTTPS URL.

You will have to make the changes in your Dreamweaver setup to support FTPS and you will login with no problem. 

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