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Can I get a Free Shipping API that will allow me not to get killed with cost on heavy products when a dollar amount is designated. has solved the Free Shipping by variables using the Shipping API.

The issue –
When giving free shipping to customers who purchase over $XX dollars, the vendor has to free ship items that as a total can be very heavy to the point of losing $$$ in the order.
So, made an Add-On module that will allow the vendor to offer free shipping for orders over $75 and under 20 lbs, which will save the customer in the long run. We have the ability to make just about any combination of variables to make the Free Shipping more granular. We can also add special handling charges at price and weight breaks.
This is a completely customizable module and will require programming. We require that the customer host with us so we can control the variables, but it is not out of the question to offer this to customers that are hosting elsewhere, but we are pretty certain that when they see how we run and what we are capable, they will move over to
Live Example -  
Cost – Case by Case basis
Contact - Eric or , 714 842-8511 ext 115
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