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Tutorial Understanding Wirecast & BlackMagic Intensity Extreme Mac

Mobile Users Mac Start up procedures.


3.Turn on Mac and wait till it boots up completely


4. You will then want to verify that your computer sees your Black Magic Thunderbolt, so on your Mac go to Apple >> System Preferences >> Black Magic Design Desktop and make sure you have the current software installed and is it is the Only Black Magic software you need installed in order to Live Stream. 


The only setting you need to select is your "Set Input"

You will want to set your audio input to be separate from your video for better control so select an input & RCA Audio. Close this window


5. Open Wirecast expand your window, and save the project to a name you want. 

A Suggestion is to save the project in a new folder so all your project files and media can be in this one folder. 


6. You may find that it useful to Uncheck all your Layers except for the 1st one. 


7 . Turn your cameras on and double check all your connections. 


8. Goto the camera icon in the lower left area of Wirecast called System Device >> Add Device


9. View and Test your audio and video to make everything is working properly

Thats it for this tutorial and please check in with us on Facebook or Contact for Live and Video On Demand Streaming services. 



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