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How can my 501C save money with my phone and wireless streaming services?

You can save huge amount of dollars with Verizon Government services for 501C’s. It is unadvertised, and we just learned of it. 
Here is a letter that came from the Government service telling us about one of our local churches that was converted. Everyone of your staff and related persons can enjoy in this service. 
The most popular plans are
400 min with nights and weekends as well as Verizon to Verizon unlimited

Hotspots/Modems/Tablets/Embedded Laptops

$37.99mo unlimited data

Land line work phone

$20mo unlimited calling/caller id/call waiting and all other features included
Check coverage area at the bottom of the page -
Inquire Here and we will get you in-touch with the Verizon Government Service
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