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Wordpress vs. Squarespace Review

We found this to be a pretty good article on the two CMS systems.

Recommending WordPress vs. Squarespace: The Questions You Should Be Asking

As web developers working with WordPress often, we can be confronted with the question of whether or not WordPress is the right solution for all our clients. It’s a legitimate question, and one that your sales leads may even ask you about. I mean,why WordPress, right? It’s difficult to pinpoint one benefit that is the end-all, be-all reason for everyone.

In this article, we’re going to explore WordPress next to Squarespace in particular. In other series, you’ll see us comparing WordPress next to other website builders as well, such as our WordPress vs Tumblr post.

As someone who works exclusively with WordPress, I’m not afraid to tell certain inquirers that they probably shouldn’t be spending on my services. Of course, I honestly think that WordPress is simple enough that even novice users could set up their own website with it, given a little patience. Read More

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