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I'm having trouble sending emails using the's email system. I can receive, but I can't send, what gives?

There are a few common causes to this issue.

1. SMTP authentication.  In order to send emails out using's email server, you must have outgoing smtp authentication turned on.  This is the first thing you should check when you are having issues sending emails out.  Please note that this is not the same feature as "secure password authentication", do not turn "secure password authentication" on as our server does not support it.
For Outlook 2007, you can enable SMTP authentication by going to Tools => Account Settings => double click on the email account then click on More Settings => and under the Outgoing Server tab you'll find a box you check to enable SMTP authentication.

2. If you have SMTP authentication turned on already, it may be due to your ISP blocking you from sending emails out using a 3rd party mail server.  Many ISP's out there do this because they are responsible for anything that goes out of their DSL/cable lines.  So to get around this, you will need to change the port number on your smtp port from the default 25 to 587.   Many ISP's block port 25, so we offer an alternate port number for sending emails through
For Outlook 2007, you can change this setting by going to Tools => Account Settings => double click on the email account then click on More Settings => and under Advanced tab change the port number 25 to 587.  Save changes, and you should be all set.

3. If you've tried both of the above and still can't send emails out, then please check your computer's firewall settings.  Some firewall, security, and anti-virus softwares have a weird setup where they may limit email sending/receiving.  A quick way to determine if 3rd party softwares are an issue is by disabling them and then trying to send/receive again.
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