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Why does my Live Stream CDN SSL being required and does it help?

I wanted to provide a little more background on some of the technical changes that are behind the issues with SSL.

In the last six months there is been an across the board tightening of SSL standards in internet browsers making compliance more restrictive. In addition we finally had the move away from Flash were browsers either no longer supported Flash or block it by default. These two changes have required adjustments to how we can provide streaming in general, and SSL compliance specifically, to our customers.

Because of these changes it was necessary to convert from Flash as a primary stream to HLS and MPEG-Dash. Flash uses the RTMP protocol which is far less strict about SSL encryption while HLS and MPEG-DASH use the HTTP protocol which is very strict about SSL encryption. In order to provide the primary streams using the HTTP protocol on an SSL encrypted website all HTTP streams needed their own CDN SSL certificate.


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