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In Wirecast, what does it mean when I get an error when I hit the Live Stream button?

There are only a few reasons that can cause this error and as of Version 7 and the date of this article, I am a little disappointed with how Wirecast identifies and handles streaming errors.


  1. Error when you hit stream. 
    1. Potential Error 1 - your URL that you are sending to for the first time is not correct. If it is not correct, it will pop up an immediate error.
    2. Potential Error 2 - if your internet connection is down or not available, you will get an immediate error when it pops up, which is more common than not.
    3. Potential Error 3 - The streaming server is not available or is down, which again you cannot rule out, but it is very uncommon for to have this issue. A good streaming admin needs to know a lot of little technical details when trying to troubleshoot, and it can be quite frustrating. Your ingest path or server cluster could be failing due to traffic issues. Again, this is rare and an easy to test, if you know what to do. 
      Note your current ingest point in your output stream area is typically near where you are physically located, Like in LA  In the stream address field change -> rtmp://  - The Large font is what you swap-out and this is yet one more item that you try to eliminate the issue. You do not get this kind of flexibility when using YouTube, Facebook , or any completely automated streaming system. This is one of the beauties of working with a company like rtmp:// (Los Angeles Ingest)

      to -> rtmp:// (Washington Ingest)
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